Sep 14, 2012

The Yanglekharka stopover on our tour of the Barun Valley… with the eventual destination, Makalu Base Camp

 “OK, everybody up! The heli is ready to gooooooo” sang Adrian at 5am. I genuinely couldn’t believe my ears after what had seemed like non-stop torrential rain all evening. Stuffing my sleeping bag and bedbugs into my duffel bag I couldn’t help but wonder what adventure the day held. The morning sky revealed patches of blue sky between the thickening cloud. It was obvious that more rain was on its way however the main question was no so much ‘if’ but ‘when’. All that stood between the lodge and the helicopter was a field of leeches – the final obstacle to safety We made a run for the heli with our socks strategically pulled to our knees, our packs on our backs. It wasn’t long before the first leech sighting was called – a leech at Chad’s knee moving alarmingly quickly up his leg. He handled it well and we let the Usain Bolt of leeches continue to make its way up his leg while we looked on and took photographs in sheer horror…. Base Camp has never looked more appealing..!!


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