Jul 18, 2012

The People You Meet: Dr. David English, MBE, CBE, OSCA

Dr. David English, MBE, CBE, OSCA
David English is one of those people you meet along the way that leaves a lasting impression and echoes of infectious laughter that you won't soon forget.  As Eric Clapton once told him, 'Arfur, you're larger than life.'

His all-embracing personality serves to remind me of the vivacity, unexpectedness and countless opportunities in life... how life should be celebrated regularly, daily... at every opportunity with vivacity and passion. Reading David's autobiography and spending an afternoon in his company, you begin to realise just how much you can actually fit into the short time we have on this planet of ours -  particularly if you embrace the opportunities presents and never look back.

From scoring a century at Lord's and raising millions of pounds for charity, to writing songs with the Bee Gees, Eric Clapton, Elton John and George Harrison, to being the official court jester of the Prince of Brunei - David English is a man with a story and more than a few jokes to tell. As president of RSO records he helped create the most successful independent records label in the world (they once had an unprecedented five singles in the American Top 10 in one week). As a budding film actor he taught Robert Redford the intricacies of cricket on the set of A Bridge too Far (as well as tormenting Anthony Hopkins with terrible jokes). As pal of English cricket legend, Ian Botham he joined Beefy on his leukaemia charity walks, and hosted the renowned Botham and Viv Richard roadshows. As founder of the Bunbury Cricket Club, who else could persuade Bill Wyman to bat against the bowling of Gary Lineker, whilst Phil Collins wicket-keeps... 

Most importantly, it was David who introduced me to the charity, Hope for Tomorrow, of which he is a Patron. 

I had the pleasure of meeting David for the first time one sunny afternoon in June 2012 at Lords Cricket Ground where I was watching my first ever game of cricket. It was the same day that I asked Sir Viv Richards what he did for a hobby (open mouth, insert foot!). It's strange to reflect back on that day and think how it has become one of the 'markers' of the past year of my life particularly considering that I hadn't even planned to go to the match. Meeting David, I was immediately 'bowled over' (to use a cricket pun!) by his charm and charisma and infectious sense of humour.  From that first meeting, I found and continue to be inspired by his genuine interest in people, his dedication and passion for working with those less fortunate, and tireless commitment to others to enable them to achieve their dreams.

There's a paragraph in his 1st autobiography, "Mad Dogs & The Englishmanwhich details one of his many song-writing adventures with the legendary Barry Gibb that really struck a chord....

"The fact is that people always seem to live and work within the confines of being comfortable. Never stretching themselves, never daring to explore every path to fulfil their promise and dreams. Just think of all those people go who to their grave saying, 'I do wish I had done this or that'. Too late - the chance would have been presented to them but nullified for fear of faulure. Content to read about other people's adventures in the pages of a colour supplement. Not me! If everybody felt that way Everest would never have been conquered, penicillin discovered, Harry Potter written and Ian Botham would not have trudged 5,000 weary miles for Leukaemia Research"

A brief biography of his eventful and roller-coaster life and absolutely extraordinary CV. It's definitely worth a read. You can find it online by clicking here. If you're captivated by the CV then I would certainly recommend reading his autobiography for a chaotic and entertaining journey through an unbelievably eventful life.

The people you meet...

DJ Lora being inducted into the Bunburys....


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