About Heather

Heather’s zest for adventure reflects a love for the outdoors and an inherent sense of ‘wanderlust’. She actively uses her experiences as an adventurer climbing the highest mountains on earth – from the Himalayas to the Andes to the Alps - as opportunities to inspire others and ‘give back’. In doing so, Heather has helped raise over $500,000 in funds to support organisations in the non-for-profit sector focused on health, the environment, and education. 

Achievements beyond her day job as a well-seasoned change management specialist include climbing some of the highest mountains in the world. Mountains like Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, and Shishapangma (Nepal / Tibet), Aconcagua (Argentina), Alpamayo (Peru), Kilimanjaro (x5) (Tanzania), Damavand (Iran), Denali (Alaska) and climbs throughout the Himalayas and the Alps are the ‘spice’ in an already impressive and extensive mountaineering CV.  She’s also cycled over 7500kms from west to east across Canada, cycled across Tanzania, dragon boat raced down the Thames, and white water rafted throughout Nepal.  

Heather draws on the lessons learned from her adventures in the outdoors to work with business leaders to develop parallels between the challenges and leadership lessons learned in the mountains and those faced by organizations today. She’s learned first-hand that experiences outside of the ‘boardroom’ – in basecamps for example, are as important as those gained inside. Success is achieved by setting clear goals, good planning and teamwork. Her focus is very much on empowerment, taking her audiences on the journey to a world of possibility, the power of ‘yes’, and providing practical tools and tips on how to take the first steps.

Twitter: @heathergeluk
Instagram: @heathergeluk
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