Jul 24, 2012

Jimmy Choo, meet Millet Everest

I can't say that I've ever been a 'fashionista' but I do recognise the difference between 'fashion' and 'fashion-faux-pas'. I'm sad to say that on Cho Oyu I will not be receiving any Vogue-style-points or make it onto any 'Best Dressed' lists in the glossy pages of Hello and Grazia magazine over the course of the expedition... 
I will even go as far as to pre-warn you that I will fall victim to the 'fashion-faux-pas to end all faux-pas'... "Crocs with Socks" (followed a close second by sandles with socks... *shudder*...). 

Having said that I have come to appreciate the true utilitarian quality of the not-so-fashionable mountain hardwear and have embraced with giant, down clad arms the advances in climbing technology since the original ‘puffa jacket’ was developed by George Ingle-Finch in the 1920s and since George Mallory and Andrew Irvine set out for eternal Everest glory in their hob-nail boots.

Gone are the days of grandmothers home-knitted socks, sealskin - wool jackets combos.... Welcome to the new era of mountain fashion featuring merino wool, kevlar liners, gore-tex of every size, shape and color, and crampons that double as corkscrews for the celebration vino upon a successful summit...
I want to live in a world somewhere between Jimmy Choo and Millet Everest. 
I want to be the woman that can choose my mountain footwear without compromising my feminine side. Is that too much to ask??
Shoe Spec Comparison:
Exhibit A: Jimmy Choo Mary Jane Ankle boots, black

Spec: Black patent leather. Goldtone hardware. Peep toe. Cutout sides. Zip back. 4 1/2" covered heel.

Weight: .015 kgs
Sizing note: This line runs small. We suggest that you order a half size larger than you typically wear.

Additional comments: Not recommended for wear anywhere that requires walking (unless it's red-carpet). Avoid cracks in pavement, driving and dates with men under 5'5".

Exhibit B: Millet Everest boots, red & black
They cost more than a pair of strappy heels from Jimmy Choo's spring / summer 2013 collection and Everest Millets are ‘the best of the best’ for high altitude adventures. They eliminate the need for gaiters, and are said to provide the best protection from the cold. Unlike their Jimmy Choo patent leather, beautifully handcrafted (*covet*) counterparts, the boots are made primarily from cordura with a Gore-Tex lining with a synthetic removable liner and an integrated gaiter.
Their primary use is for high-altitude mountaineering and on snow days when the London Underground isn't working..
Spec: Shell footwear semi rigid with attached GORE-TEX® Kevlar gaiters and detachable lining slipper / Slip in crampons / Non compressing tightening / Double fastening zip for ease of putting on / Base of upper in high tenacity fabric reinforced for durability by PU inclusion rubber protection for the toe and heel / Microcellular inner sole for improved insulation / Internal slipper in aluminium alveolite / 2mm Glass fibre and carbon foot support / CORDURA high tenacity + Evazote upper / Elasticated neck...

Weight: 2.64 kgs
Sizing note: due to the swelling of the feet at altitude, it is recommended that you buy your boots 1.5 – 2 sizes larger than you typically wear.
Additional comments: not recommended with any Chanel, DvF or Matthew Williamson ensembles or to the ballet. Best worn with goose-down filled suits (preferably yellow) and suitably hard-core crampons. 


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