Sep 8, 2012

The People You Meet: Dr. David English, MBE, CBE, OSCA - cont'd

As Eric Clapton once told him, David English has a personality that is "larger than life" and hence deserves a second entry in this blog - this time with his thoughts on the 'dream team' of expeditions and to thank him once again for introducing me to the amazing charity, Hope for Tomorrow, of which he is a Patron. Hope for Tomorrow launched the world's first mobile chemotherapy unit bringing cancer treatment closer to home - over 3000 patients have been treated so far and over 70,000 miles of travel have been saved.

David's all-embracing personality serves to remind me of the adventure, unexpectedness and countless opportunities in life... how life should be celebrated regularly, daily... at every opportunity with vivacity and passion. Through reading David's autobiography and spending  time in his company, you begin to realise just how much you can actually fit into the short time we have on this planet of ours -  particularly if you embrace the opportunities presents and never look back.

In a previous entry, I provided a brief biography of his eventful and roller-coaster life and absolutely extraordinary CV. It's definitely worth a read. You can find it online by clicking here

Here are some of David's thoughts on his ideal expedition team...

If I was to go on an expedition for 2 months and had to hand pick a team to go with me they would be:

David: I would take Chrissie Mills for the inspiration and cuddles. As guides I would take Sir Ian Botham for his “Never Say Die” outlook on life and Sir Viv Richards for his spirit and laughter (see picture above). Sherpas would be part of the team and Lord Maclaurin would fill that role for  his wisdom and unique leadership qualities plus the banter. My Mum (when she was alive) would be the cook - she made the best meals I’ve ever tasted served with love and care only a mother can give. Plus I’d take my daughter, Amy Rose, a master of the culinary arts. Finally, the porter would be my pal,  Robin Ford (aka ‘The Badger’) who looks after me fantastically at my Bunbury Cricket Matches.

Biggest mountain I’ve ever climbed...

David: Literally -  was the Matterhorn, stark naked (then I woke up)

David: Figuratively – learning the 2000 lines of my character Major Bartellot in Simon Gray’s play, ‘The Rear Column’ at Everyman Theatre, 1981. Never thought it was humanely possible to absorb all that dialogue but I did..!!

"The fact is that people always seem to live and work within the confines of being comfortable. Never stretching themselves, never daring to explore every path to fulfil their promise and dreams. Just think of all those people go who to their grave saying, 'I do wish I had done this or that'. Too late - the chance would have been presented to them but nullified for fear of faulure. Content to read about other people's adventures in the pages of a colour supplement. Not me! If everybody felt that way Everest would never have been conquered, penicillin discovered, Harry Potter written and Ian Botham would not have trudged 5,000 weary miles for Leukaemia Research"
- David English from his autobiography, "Mad Dogs and the Englishman"


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