Jun 13, 2016

Article Feature: Sidetracked Magazine: "It's Not About The Summit"

Absolutely thrilled to have been able to share my 'mountaineering journey' with a broader audience and extremely honoured to have it published in Sidetracked Magazine... Many thanks to everyone who has been part of the journey and the people you meet along the way...

Article written by Tarquin Cooper // Heather Geluk
Photography by Alex Buisse & Huw Walters

‘I went into the “brace-brace” position. I put my hands over my head and prepared to die. I’d always wondered if I’d die in the mountains and hoped that, if I did, it wouldn’t hurt. At that point I thought, f**k me, this is going to hurt. I looked over and the glacier was moving like a frozen tsunami of ice. After the longest minute of my life I realised I’d survived. I crawled to Lhakpa, we grabbed each other’s shoulders. Pumped full of adrenaline we screamed, “We’re alive, we’re alive”.’
For the full article please read here: http://www.sidetracked.com/its-not-about-the-summit/


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