Mar 11, 2014

Management consulting and mountaineering: life at PwC > article in The Gateway

A trip down memory lane and reflection on my career through this insightful interview by Hannah Langworth in The Gateway. The article covers an untraditional (and unusual!) career path which started out as a ski-instructor in South Korea and leading, via country-hopping across Asia, to a role as a Consultant in the “People & Change” Consulting team in London at the leading global professional services organisation PwC.

The interview highlights the opportunities that PwC have provided professionally and personally and how PwC has provided the tools to help me to combine work as a management consultant with pursuits (and passions!) outside my job....

Interestingly, it coincides with a recent report released by PwC which has concluded:
"Workplaces that view flexibility and a good work/life balance as solely a female or parent demand will fail to attract and retain millennial talent, male or female, who no longer subscribe to outdated gender-based policies.” [Next Generation Diversity, PwC Report, 2014].



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